Savannah Georgia is Beautiful

No matter how many times I make my way to Savannah, I always discover something beautiful and new. Something I haven’t seen before or encountered in the past. Since I moved to Florida five years ago, I try to make the three-hour drive north once a year.

This fall I had an opportunity for an evening away with a friend from high school and her cousin. The best part of the whole trip is that she is a photographer as well so we wandered aimlessly around the city, with the camera’s out and ready to make sure the other doesn’t walk into traffic.

(Only kind of kidding.)

Oglethorpe Square – Owens-Thomas House Museum

Today, a month and a half later I started a whole new batch of editing on some photos I took while we were in Savannah. My favorite thing about Savannah is all the different squares. There are 18 squares named after various important figures in Savannah history. If you are a history buff, you are in luck if you visit the city.

One of my 2019 goals is to publish a tabletop travel book based on the Savannah Historic District.

Cobblestone road leaving to River Street

In various places around the city, you can find the original cobblestone streets. Especially in the Riverfront area. Much of the rich history comes from that area. The cobblestone laid in the street comes from all over the world. From Spain to France, much of the Rock was imported with early settlers.

Something else you may not know about the River Street area… it is one of the most haunted locations in the city.

River Street at Sunrise

Ever gotten an eerie feeling on River Street? I certainly had a couple days full of weird feelings and experiences when I was in the city. In fact, I’ve witnessed at least one ghostly experience on every trip I’ve taken to Savannah. Maybe it’s the empath in me? Or maybe they just know it’s easier to contact me because the vail is thin in my world.

Keep an eye peeled this week for my Savannah Photography Series on Instagram!


The Curious Case of the Dick Pic

Yesterday morning I woke up to a dick pic from a stranger in my inbox on Twitter. Not the first time this has happened either. Now, I’m not exactly sure what about my profile screams, “send me your sad peen pictures,” but apparently somewhere down the line, this fella got the impression that I wanted to see this.

Newsflash! I didn’t want to see it and I immediately reported it to Twitter (24+ hours later the same person still has an account and is still tweeting.) I’m sure he’s also harassing more women with unsolicited pictures of his sad peen.

So, I put out a notice to the rest of the dudes on Twitter about sending dick pics to me or really any other woman on the internet.


This is where shit went wrong because men are apparently giant snowflakes. And when I say this, I’m not attacking men by any means. But, unfortunately, the men who DON’T send dick pics to random strangers aren’t the ones who became instantly offended by my tweet.

Like this guy…

He also repeatedly told me I must be so full of myself because of this. Yup, here comes the victim shaming women have to deal with in the wake of any kind of sexual harassment or assault. But, he wasn’t the only one.

This one is a real gem too. Instead of owning up to the problem, these men have gone out of their way to make it all about them.

The fact is women are harassed far more than men are and denying the fact that this is happening continues to keep the problem alive and well. Instead of acknowledging this happens and working across the board to eradicate the harassment women are subjected to online… let’s act like a bunch of fragile douche bags and place the blame on the person being harassed.

And then people wonder WHY women don’t report their rapes or why women don’t go to the police after being assaulted. Because no matter who we go to for protection or help… these kind of men are lurking in the background; using their misogyny to refuse to acknowledge the epidemic.

This also as we continue to wait for the Senate to renew the Violence Against Women Act which has expired.

I also want to shout out all the men who stood up and apologized for the men who don’t get it. I know there are good dudes out there. I am fortunate enough to have many friends, family members, and people in my life who go out of their way to be genuinely good men. I see you, and I acknowledge the good you are doing to make this world better for our daughter with the hope that one day… they won’t have to deal with this shit.

Not all men are bad and the ones who jump off the handle and immediately feel the need to point that out… aren’t the men who are treating women with respect.

That is my two cents on the subject.

In closing, I’d like to share the follow-up tweets to this whole debacle.


Travel Photography

In the past couple months since I really got back into photography, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to two of my favorite cities; Savannah Georgia, and St. Augustine Florida. Some of the pictures I’ve taken, I have absolutely fallen in love with. Today I want to share my favorite pictures from Savannah and also debut a couple new ones from St. Augustine.

The Nights of Lights is an award winning, city-wide light display the city prepares for annually. It takes the town roughly three months to get all the decorations up and an additional month after the event ends to remove. Across America magazines have applauded the oldest city in America for their Christmas cheer!

The City Green – St. Augustine, FL.

We had a blast and I highly suggest checking out the Nights of Lights if you ever find yourself in the Florida area at Christmas, it is an absolute must! May I also suggest a hysterically fun way to see the city. The Tasting Tours offers a “Roadster Tour” with The Grinch. This guy was awesome! Stayed in character and the kids had a blast. They also do wine tasting tours, as well as Santa horse drawn carriage tours for the Nights of Lights event. I would highly recommend them! (This is not an ad)

Savannah Georgia is one of those towns that just sets my soul on fire. I’m just always in a happy place when I am there. Since I relocated to Florida 5 years ago, I’ve made it a point to try and visit annually. The last overnight I made it up there in November, I headed out early on Sunday morning to photograph the sunrise that morning, and got some of my favorite photographs I have taken. The above photograph has also become my #1 sold picture I’ve taken thus far, and I am really proud of that!

Some of my other favorites include…

Ascension Lutheran Church – Savannah, GA.
City Hall – Savannah, GA.

I am hoping to make it to a couple more cities next year as I continue to work on my portfolio of artwork. As much as life will allow I should say. I also have had so many lovely, and supportive people who have cheered me on since I really got started. I have high hopes for 2019!

Which of the above pictures is your favorite?

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