6 Years Ago

Six years ago my entire world changed. I met Vicki in 7th grade. We shared a lot of classes in our middle school and shared all of the same friends. She was hands down one of the best people. She would go out of her way for you, and always have a huge smile. We... Continue Reading →

The Curious Case of the Dick Pic

Yesterday morning I woke up to a dick pic from a stranger in my inbox on Twitter. Not the first time this has happened either. Now, I'm not exactly sure what about my profile screams, "send me your sad peen pictures," but apparently somewhere down the line, this fella got the impression that I wanted... Continue Reading →

Travel Photography

In the past couple months since I really got back into photography, I've had the opportunity to travel to two of my favorite cities; Savannah Georgia, and St. Augustine Florida. Some of the pictures I've taken, I have absolutely fallen in love with. Today I want to share my favorite pictures from Savannah and also... Continue Reading →

Oz Who?

My story started a long time ago. Before I ever knew I would move on to write novels or lose my best friend in life. Long before children and divorce and all the messy shit that goes with life. I was raised by two amazing parents on the shoreline of Connecticut. Long days at the... Continue Reading →

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