Twitters Bias Against Pro-Choice Advocates

As if we all need another shining example of the bias against the liberal advocates on Twitter, I have a new cautionary tale to tell. As many of you know I lost my account in 2018. An account that I had for almost a decade but apparently calling Judge Jeanine a cunt wasn’t socially acceptable. I mean, I do speak nothing but the truth but in the months after losing that account I learned to tone down the bad words.

Which brings me to my cautionary tale today about being an outspoken Pro-Choice woman on twitter and how it will make you a target. I lost my account for this tweet.


Let me set the scene for the conversation leading up to this reply. I had been being harassed by a man with a beer as his profile picture. A throw away accounts with 35 followers calling me anything from a bitch to a cunt, oh and let’s not forget the favorite classic… baby killer. In which I replied in an extremely sarcastic manner.

Because let’s be honest here, who spells babies Bayyyyyyyybeeeeezzzzzzzz.

This is just another example of how Twitter has been going out of their way to not only punish outspoken women but anyone who identifies as part of “The Resistance.” It is nothing new, and now they are targeting those of us who have built large accounts and amazing community followings.

Yet men can go out of their way to message dick pics… or send threatening tweets and messages about how they are going to rape me and all kinds of other graphic expletives and these dudes ride off into the Twitter sunset with zero repercussions. There is no consistency in the enforcing of their rules.

Now in the wake of this, I will not only have to re-build my account but I am also suffering a loss of income because as many people know, I sell my photography online and considering Twitter is my largest following… that is where I sell the most pictures. With my whole account gone and 25.9K followers in the wind, I haven’t sold a single picture in the week I really need it.

Medical testing is expensive, and my co-pay for the MRI I needed was $139.
ER Co-Pay.
CT Scan co-pay.
New medication.

This is how I make my money to take care of these costs since my full-time job takes care of my regular bills.

With that being said, I have added the coupon code of RESISTOZ on my site for 10% off any purchase from now through the 28th of February in hopes I can help spread the word & make up the sales I’ve been missing this week.

In the mean time while I continue to fight with Twitter over my suspended account, you can find me at @OzBackupBitches

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I Pee My Pants When I Sneeze, and You Probably Do Too

savingpngWhen I was a young girl my mother used to scare me into thinking womanhood was scary as fuck. “Just wait till you have kids… and see where everything lands.” When I was sixteen I didn’t understand the concept. Land?

It wasn’t until after I had my oldest son that I realized shit was never going to be the same again. My tits morphed into these saggy underinflated Tom Brady footballs and things… well, they just moved. This just so happened to be the landing. But, there was so much more to it all. Changes that nothing could have prepared me for. Not What to Expect While Expecting, not any of those crunchie ass granola books on being the best mom I could be. Those high expectations of rebounding from birth, while nursing, glowing, living on two and a half hours of sleep, and literally doing it all.

And while I expected to be a different woman post-pregnancy I didn’t expect pissing my pants every time I sneeze. Well, maybe not every time but I would say roughly 86.9% of the time. It’s almost become comical at this point in my life now, and I know so many of you can relate to that. Around the house when I feel a sneeze coming on I always strategically look for the closest bathroom. Force of habit now.

Dudes just don’t get it. What we transform into post-babies. Like, knowing what I know now I wish the women around me would have thrown some straight real talk at me. Like…

Your tits will touch your belly button.

Or maybe a…

If you have a c-section, you’ll never feel half your stomach again.

Or even just a…

Invest in pantyliners… they’ll save your life one day.

At the end of the day, being a woman can super totally suck. Especially when you are just trying to hide for fifteen minutes of peace and quiet and you piss your pants. The struggle… is real Y’all…, especially after kids.

Bitch! And I didn’t even GIVE BIRTH! I shouldn’t be jacked up like this!

I hope at least some of you were able to relate to my crazy ass tonight.


Savannah Georgia is Beautiful

No matter how many times I make my way to Savannah, I always discover something beautiful and new. Something I haven’t seen before or encountered in the past. Since I moved to Florida five years ago, I try to make the three-hour drive north once a year.

This fall I had an opportunity for an evening away with a friend from high school and her cousin. The best part of the whole trip is that she is a photographer as well so we wandered aimlessly around the city, with the camera’s out and ready to make sure the other doesn’t walk into traffic.

(Only kind of kidding.)

Oglethorpe Square – Owens-Thomas House Museum

Today, a month and a half later I started a whole new batch of editing on some photos I took while we were in Savannah. My favorite thing about Savannah is all the different squares. There are 18 squares named after various important figures in Savannah history. If you are a history buff, you are in luck if you visit the city.

One of my 2019 goals is to publish a tabletop travel book based on the Savannah Historic District.

Cobblestone road leaving to River Street

In various places around the city, you can find the original cobblestone streets. Especially in the Riverfront area. Much of the rich history comes from that area. The cobblestone laid in the street comes from all over the world. From Spain to France, much of the Rock was imported with early settlers.

Something else you may not know about the River Street area… it is one of the most haunted locations in the city.

River Street at Sunrise

Ever gotten an eerie feeling on River Street? I certainly had a couple days full of weird feelings and experiences when I was in the city. In fact, I’ve witnessed at least one ghostly experience on every trip I’ve taken to Savannah. Maybe it’s the empath in me? Or maybe they just know it’s easier to contact me because the vail is thin in my world.

Keep an eye peeled this week for my Savannah Photography Series on Instagram!


6 Years Ago

Six years ago my entire world changed.

I met Vicki in 7th grade. We shared a lot of classes in our middle school and shared all of the same friends. She was hands down one of the best people. She would go out of her way for you, and always have a huge smile.

We eventually graduated from Stratford High School class of 2003, and because we were both short as hell, we walked right next to each other for graduation. I’ll never forget the laughs we shared about finally being done.

She went on to become a teacher, and an absolutely fantastic teacher she was. She loved her students and you could see it in her everyday work.


It was an overcast December day when it began. Rumblings across social media and the news that something was going on in Sandy Hook. A small, quiet town about 10-15 miles north of our town. Then the mutual aid calls came into our fire department which my husband was a part of at the time. A mass casualty event at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The pictures of hysterical children being escorted swiftly from the building started making their rounds on the internet. Families waited on and around the school campus to be reunited with their loved ones and their children who they simply just sent off to school that morning.

My son was in kindergarten, and his school was locked down. I couldn’t come to pick him up. I couldn’t lay my eyes on him to make sure he was safe. It was a sheer terror as a parent. The minutes seemed like hours while we all just waited, and cried at the thought that someone would be so heartless to even commit such a horrible crime.


Then the rumblings on Facebook started. Had anyone heard from Vicki? She hasn’t checked in. She hasn’t let anyone know she was safe. Our circle of friends made calls and sent out Facebook messages praying we would hear something.

Hours and hours went on. I stayed glued to the news, I listened to the news on the radio when we left the house. And then… it was confirmed. Vicki was gone. She was one of the 6 adults that lost their lives in that school on December 14th, 2012. A day that will forever be burned into my memory.


I put out candles that night and every night in the days after this tragedy. I stood in line for hours to say goodbye to Vicki. Her funeral because a disrespectful media frenzy which pissed most of us off. Just leave us all be while we pay our respects to the people killed in cold blood by the mass shooting that SHOULD have finally been enough for our government to act.


It still pisses me off to this day. The harassment these families had to and still have to endure. The bull shit Alex Jones trolls that call them crisis actors and disrespect the memory of these adults and children. These were BABIES that were KILLED in the CLASSROOM.

When will the madness stop?

What has to happen to finally make a change? Because even the loss of an entire first-grade class in seconds couldn’t get legislation passed. HEARTLESS!


Rest easy angels.

Please consider making a donation to the Sandy Hook Promise to keep their memory alive and the work towards gun control alive and well.

Vicki, you will ALWAYS be our hero. We love you and miss you so much. 💚


The Curious Case of the Dick Pic

Yesterday morning I woke up to a dick pic from a stranger in my inbox on Twitter. Not the first time this has happened either. Now, I’m not exactly sure what about my profile screams, “send me your sad peen pictures,” but apparently somewhere down the line, this fella got the impression that I wanted to see this.

Newsflash! I didn’t want to see it and I immediately reported it to Twitter (24+ hours later the same person still has an account and is still tweeting.) I’m sure he’s also harassing more women with unsolicited pictures of his sad peen.

So, I put out a notice to the rest of the dudes on Twitter about sending dick pics to me or really any other woman on the internet.


This is where shit went wrong because men are apparently giant snowflakes. And when I say this, I’m not attacking men by any means. But, unfortunately, the men who DON’T send dick pics to random strangers aren’t the ones who became instantly offended by my tweet.

Like this guy…

He also repeatedly told me I must be so full of myself because of this. Yup, here comes the victim shaming women have to deal with in the wake of any kind of sexual harassment or assault. But, he wasn’t the only one.

This one is a real gem too. Instead of owning up to the problem, these men have gone out of their way to make it all about them.

The fact is women are harassed far more than men are and denying the fact that this is happening continues to keep the problem alive and well. Instead of acknowledging this happens and working across the board to eradicate the harassment women are subjected to online… let’s act like a bunch of fragile douche bags and place the blame on the person being harassed.

And then people wonder WHY women don’t report their rapes or why women don’t go to the police after being assaulted. Because no matter who we go to for protection or help… these kind of men are lurking in the background; using their misogyny to refuse to acknowledge the epidemic.

This also as we continue to wait for the Senate to renew the Violence Against Women Act which has expired.

I also want to shout out all the men who stood up and apologized for the men who don’t get it. I know there are good dudes out there. I am fortunate enough to have many friends, family members, and people in my life who go out of their way to be genuinely good men. I see you, and I acknowledge the good you are doing to make this world better for our daughter with the hope that one day… they won’t have to deal with this shit.

Not all men are bad and the ones who jump off the handle and immediately feel the need to point that out… aren’t the men who are treating women with respect.

That is my two cents on the subject.

In closing, I’d like to share the follow-up tweets to this whole debacle.


Travel Photography

In the past couple months since I really got back into photography, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to two of my favorite cities; Savannah Georgia, and St. Augustine Florida. Some of the pictures I’ve taken, I have absolutely fallen in love with. Today I want to share my favorite pictures from Savannah and also debut a couple new ones from St. Augustine.

The Nights of Lights is an award winning, city-wide light display the city prepares for annually. It takes the town roughly three months to get all the decorations up and an additional month after the event ends to remove. Across America magazines have applauded the oldest city in America for their Christmas cheer!

The City Green – St. Augustine, FL.

We had a blast and I highly suggest checking out the Nights of Lights if you ever find yourself in the Florida area at Christmas, it is an absolute must! May I also suggest a hysterically fun way to see the city. The Tasting Tours offers a “Roadster Tour” with The Grinch. This guy was awesome! Stayed in character and the kids had a blast. They also do wine tasting tours, as well as Santa horse drawn carriage tours for the Nights of Lights event. I would highly recommend them! (This is not an ad)

Savannah Georgia is one of those towns that just sets my soul on fire. I’m just always in a happy place when I am there. Since I relocated to Florida 5 years ago, I’ve made it a point to try and visit annually. The last overnight I made it up there in November, I headed out early on Sunday morning to photograph the sunrise that morning, and got some of my favorite photographs I have taken. The above photograph has also become my #1 sold picture I’ve taken thus far, and I am really proud of that!

Some of my other favorites include…

Ascension Lutheran Church – Savannah, GA.
City Hall – Savannah, GA.

I am hoping to make it to a couple more cities next year as I continue to work on my portfolio of artwork. As much as life will allow I should say. I also have had so many lovely, and supportive people who have cheered me on since I really got started. I have high hopes for 2019!

Which of the above pictures is your favorite?

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Oz Who?

My story started a long time ago. Before I ever knew I would move on to write novels or lose my best friend in life. Long before children and divorce and all the messy shit that goes with life. I was raised by two amazing parents on the shoreline of Connecticut. Long days at the beach overlooking Long Island Sound; where my father harvested oysters for a living. Going above and beyond to make sure myself and my mother were cared for and she didn’t have to work outside the house.

I’m genuinely grateful for the upbringing I had because I know I’m very lucky to have the love and support I grew up with. I mean, like any family we had our problems with extended family or other distant members. There is a lot of addiction in my extended family which is why I’ve made the choice as an adult not to drink. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve drank in the past but it really isn’t for me.

Enough about nothingness though and let me chat about Chasing Oz and what I hope to accomplish here.

This past summer I launched Chasing Oz Photography, it’s a passion of mine that I never really took the time to focus on until now. I always placed my writing before any other type of artistic expressions. First, it was my own little blog which turned into a full-time blogging gig with Babble back in 2010-2011, before Disney bought out the site. I really enjoyed parenting writing but as time went on and my children started to get a little older I lost the passion I had for writing as a parent.

I guess I was just over the never-ending Mom wars. Bottles or breast. C-section or natural birth. The dumb asses that don’t believe in science or reverse facing car seats because forward facing is just more convenient. The whole lazy convenience factors really started to wear me down. I lost my interest and moved on to writing novels.

I’m 2013 I became an instant Best Seller when my novel Hers hit the top of the Amazon charts. I honestly can’t say I ever thought my romance fiction would sell, but somewhere along the line readers fell in love with my badass female leads. I wanted to write books for women who didn’t NEED to be saved by a man but still fell head over heels in love. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a love story.

I continued to write for a few more years even after going back to work outside of the home. Which wasn’t easy for me because I have basically been my own boss since having children. I’m definitely not a fan of the 9-5 life. I like to sleep late and stay up all night. Unfortunately, I got bills and shit so back to work I went.

Even now, a year and a half later I’ve started to really miss writing so I’m jumping back into it.

To be honest, I don’t know what my site is going to become but it will definitely be a snarky hole on the Internet where I can speak my mind. So, if you like my Twitter account this will be like a bonus for you. I’m planning to cover current events, politics of course because our country is becoming a shithole, parenting, photography, and positive living.

Before I close, I’d like to share my beliefs on a variety of subjects just so you know if we’ll be a good fit together.

I believe…

Love is love

Marijuana should be legal

In positive living

Being kind

Being human

No person is illegal

Women should be able to make all their own healthcare choices

Healthcare is a human right

America is broken

Also, as a disclaimer… I am a loudmouth bitch. Self-proclaimed and all.

Buckle up Y’all, this is gonna be a blast!