Happy Anniversary Chasing Oz

Today marks one year since I decided to pick up photography again and officially make an Instagram account out of it. While the sales of the pictures and the ‘official’ name of Chasing Oz came a tad bit later, today is the birthday of the most inspirational project I’ve worked on in years.

I have no guidelines, no standards I have to adhere to other than picking up my camera and looking at the world in a different way. It’s an escape from day-to-day life even if it is just for a little while. A sunset here, an overnight in Savannah, a day trip with the family to St. Augustine. It’s just become what I do. Which is funny because when my kids were really little I got my very first DSLR (which met its demise a few years ago) and as they got older I put it down. It was probably one of the worst mistakes I’ve made.

While my creative outlets took different directions (my books) over the years this one still remains my favorite.

So, a couple FAQ (Frequently asked questions) that I get…

What does Chasing Oz mean?

Chasing Oz is an idea. A dream if you will. As a little girl, my favorite movie of all time was The Wizard of Oz. Something magical about the colors, and the land of Oz itself inspired a love inside me. I wanted to create something just as beautiful when I started my photography over again, and since so many pieces of work, I edited with these vibrant colors it only seemed as though it would be fitting.
Chasing Oz is about chasing the beautiful sights somewhere over the rainbow.

Are you from Australia (Oz)?

Nope! This is a common misconception because another nickname for Australia is Oz. I actually live and create most of my artwork in Florida.

What is your Best Selling Photo?

Good question! I also had to go look this one up on my website. (Almost all of my photos are for purchase at ChasingOz.Zenfolio.com) My number one selling photograph happens to be one from my Savannah Collection. This photo of famous River Street was taken early in the morning as the sun was rising to my back.

As the City Sleeps


What is your favorite photo you’ve taken?

That is a hard one, because it’s like asking which one of my kids I love the best. I just can’t decide but… here are a couple honorable mentions.


Sunrise on the Covered Beach


Pink on the River


Sandy Shoreline


All of my photos can be purchased at ChasingOz.Zenfolio.com

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