Top 5 Placed to Eat in Savannah

It’s no secret that I love all things Savannah. As I plan for a little weekend getaway with my family to the magical city again I’m already planning the meals we’ll be dining out for. I’m definitely cutting corners by packing snacks, PB&J, and drinks for the weekend.

I wanted to share my personal favorites in something I’m calling the Top 5 Places to Eat in Savannah, from Oz with Love. Because there is definitely love in every meal at these eateries.

In no particular order!



1.) Goose Feathers Cafe

Probably the best little European style breakfast spot in Savannah. Everything is made fresh to order, and be prepared for a line!  The process is super easy and the crowds flow very well. A couple ground rules you should know, until you have ordered… do not plan on eyeing a table. They keep it fair to help the busyness of the establishment.

Now, for the deliciousness!
The bread pudding is hands down the best I have ever had. But if you don’t have a sweet tooth like I do, try one of their famous quiches or my personal favorite the strawberries & cream Belgian waffle.


The Pirate House, courtesy of my travel buddy Morgan!


2.) The Pirate’s House

img_2685Especially if you have children, this is a great place with awesome food in one of the most historic buildings in the city. Not only are you going to get a history lesson, but you’ll also have a killer meal.

If you are a drinker, the Pirate House also offers something called The Skull Crusher which will put you on your ass. As someone who rarely enjoys an alcoholic beverage, this one did me in! It was delicious though!

The menu is overall impressive with some of the most gourmet dishes I’ve personally seen. But, when all is said and done I love their pecan fried chicken. Hands down the best fried chicken I’ve had in recent years. It’s different but in the most amazing way possible. The sweet mixed with the savory gives it something unique.

Famous PB&J wings

3.) The Treylor Park

Doesn’t sound like some place you would really want to spend your time, right? WRONG! I would have to let my true colors show and tell you this is my favorite place to go eat in Savannah. No matter where I am staying or who I am with, I drag them to the Treylor Park for some Treylor Park Nachos and the Peanut Butter & Jelly Wings.

If you consider yourself to be a “foodie” this is one of those places you just have to try. The menu includes childhood favorites you would never even think you want until you witness their presentation of it. Like, a fried bologna sandwich.

There is one thing I can promise you… you will not be disappointed in any meal here. And because of the popularity, be prepared for a wait. But, like other popular eateries in Savannah, the wait time passes quickly and with a text notification system, you can wander the Bay Street area during your wait.

4.) B. Matthews

Whether you are looking for breakfast or dinner, B. Matthews offers a wide variety of tastes. Located on E. Bay Street it is right in the mix of the Downtown Historic district’s hustle and bustle.

I hit them up for breakfast and was not disappointed. The wait wasn’t horribly long as well. Great option for families as well!


5.) Leopold’s Ice Cream

One of the most popular places for dessert in Savannah is their absolutely delicious local favorite Leopold’s. When writing my novel, Falling Forward I had to stop in to try it myself. If you are a fan of ice cream, you have got to try it out!

I’m a fan of their butter pecan ice cream, and honey almond and cream. Two very different tastes but nevertheless both are absolutely to die for. On any given day of the week, the line is out the door, but I promise you… just like each place I named here they are all very well worth it.

In closing, Savannah is not just a beautiful and historic city… it’s absolutely delicious. Boasting some of the best eateries I’ve personally had the chance of trying. Each staple of the city brings something different or unique to the table. From peanut butter and jelly wings to The Skull Crusher… You know you can’t wait to go try them all!

Check back in a couple weeks for a whole new Savannah adventure!

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