Twitters Bias Against Pro-Choice Advocates

As if we all need another shining example of the bias against the liberal advocates on Twitter, I have a new cautionary tale to tell. As many of you know I lost my account in 2018. An account that I had for almost a decade but apparently calling Judge Jeanine a cunt wasn’t socially acceptable. I mean, I do speak nothing but the truth but in the months after losing that account I learned to tone down the bad words.

Which brings me to my cautionary tale today about being an outspoken Pro-Choice woman on twitter and how it will make you a target. I lost my account for this tweet.


Let me set the scene for the conversation leading up to this reply. I had been being harassed by a man with a beer as his profile picture. A throw away accounts with 35 followers calling me anything from a bitch to a cunt, oh and let’s not forget the favorite classic… baby killer. In which I replied in an extremely sarcastic manner.

Because let’s be honest here, who spells babies Bayyyyyyyybeeeeezzzzzzzz.

This is just another example of how Twitter has been going out of their way to not only punish outspoken women but anyone who identifies as part of “The Resistance.” It is nothing new, and now they are targeting those of us who have built large accounts and amazing community followings.

Yet men can go out of their way to message dick pics… or send threatening tweets and messages about how they are going to rape me and all kinds of other graphic expletives and these dudes ride off into the Twitter sunset with zero repercussions. There is no consistency in the enforcing of their rules.

Now in the wake of this, I will not only have to re-build my account but I am also suffering a loss of income because as many people know, I sell my photography online and considering Twitter is my largest following… that is where I sell the most pictures. With my whole account gone and 25.9K followers in the wind, I haven’t sold a single picture in the week I really need it.

Medical testing is expensive, and my co-pay for the MRI I needed was $139.
ER Co-Pay.
CT Scan co-pay.
New medication.

This is how I make my money to take care of these costs since my full-time job takes care of my regular bills.

With that being said, I have added the coupon code of RESISTOZ on my site for 10% off any purchase from now through the 28th of February in hopes I can help spread the word & make up the sales I’ve been missing this week.

In the mean time while I continue to fight with Twitter over my suspended account, you can find me at @OzBackupBitches

4 thoughts on “Twitters Bias Against Pro-Choice Advocates

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  1. i can’t believe twitter did that to you. are you appealing?
    i fear that twitter will do the same. i started resisting with my blog, but then joined twitter to promote it. my blog is still barely seen, but i have connected with thousands on twitter. and, i’ve gotten discouraged regarding blogging, because i rarely get any feedback.

    my focus now is on twitter, but i check the shadowban site daily and had to cut back my tweets by 90% to stay unshadowbanned. it really makes me mad, because twitter is really the only viable platform for the resistance.

    i have a suggestion, just ignore and block those ppl. when there is an outrageous comment, often the person only has 20 followers. it’s classic Trolling. Don’t feed the Trolls! if someone calls me names, they get blocked.

    twitter could do a way better job about controlling bots and trolls, but they won’t because their number one goal is Money. facebook also does little to prevent bots and alts, because it inflates their numbers.

    i’m going to tweet this blog post and ask people to RT. good-luck on rebuilding, but i really hope that an appeal works.

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