6 Years Ago

Six years ago my entire world changed.

I met Vicki in 7th grade. We shared a lot of classes in our middle school and shared all of the same friends. She was hands down one of the best people. She would go out of her way for you, and always have a huge smile.

We eventually graduated from Stratford High School class of 2003, and because we were both short as hell, we walked right next to each other for graduation. I’ll never forget the laughs we shared about finally being done.

She went on to become a teacher, and an absolutely fantastic teacher she was. She loved her students and you could see it in her everyday work.


It was an overcast December day when it began. Rumblings across social media and the news that something was going on in Sandy Hook. A small, quiet town about 10-15 miles north of our town. Then the mutual aid calls came into our fire department which my husband was a part of at the time. A mass casualty event at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The pictures of hysterical children being escorted swiftly from the building started making their rounds on the internet. Families waited on and around the school campus to be reunited with their loved ones and their children who they simply just sent off to school that morning.

My son was in kindergarten, and his school was locked down. I couldn’t come to pick him up. I couldn’t lay my eyes on him to make sure he was safe. It was a sheer terror as a parent. The minutes seemed like hours while we all just waited, and cried at the thought that someone would be so heartless to even commit such a horrible crime.


Then the rumblings on Facebook started. Had anyone heard from Vicki? She hasn’t checked in. She hasn’t let anyone know she was safe. Our circle of friends made calls and sent out Facebook messages praying we would hear something.

Hours and hours went on. I stayed glued to the news, I listened to the news on the radio when we left the house. And then… it was confirmed. Vicki was gone. She was one of the 6 adults that lost their lives in that school on December 14th, 2012. A day that will forever be burned into my memory.


I put out candles that night and every night in the days after this tragedy. I stood in line for hours to say goodbye to Vicki. Her funeral because a disrespectful media frenzy which pissed most of us off. Just leave us all be while we pay our respects to the people killed in cold blood by the mass shooting that SHOULD have finally been enough for our government to act.


It still pisses me off to this day. The harassment these families had to and still have to endure. The bull shit Alex Jones trolls that call them crisis actors and disrespect the memory of these adults and children. These were BABIES that were KILLED in the CLASSROOM.

When will the madness stop?

What has to happen to finally make a change? Because even the loss of an entire first-grade class in seconds couldn’t get legislation passed. HEARTLESS!


Rest easy angels.

Please consider making a donation to the Sandy Hook Promise to keep their memory alive and the work towards gun control alive and well.

Vicki, you will ALWAYS be our hero. We love you and miss you so much. 💚

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