The Curious Case of the Dick Pic

Yesterday morning I woke up to a dick pic from a stranger in my inbox on Twitter. Not the first time this has happened either. Now, I’m not exactly sure what about my profile screams, “send me your sad peen pictures,” but apparently somewhere down the line, this fella got the impression that I wanted to see this.

Newsflash! I didn’t want to see it and I immediately reported it to Twitter (24+ hours later the same person still has an account and is still tweeting.) I’m sure he’s also harassing more women with unsolicited pictures of his sad peen.

So, I put out a notice to the rest of the dudes on Twitter about sending dick pics to me or really any other woman on the internet.


This is where shit went wrong because men are apparently giant snowflakes. And when I say this, I’m not attacking men by any means. But, unfortunately, the men who DON’T send dick pics to random strangers aren’t the ones who became instantly offended by my tweet.

Like this guy…

He also repeatedly told me I must be so full of myself because of this. Yup, here comes the victim shaming women have to deal with in the wake of any kind of sexual harassment or assault. But, he wasn’t the only one.

This one is a real gem too. Instead of owning up to the problem, these men have gone out of their way to make it all about them.

The fact is women are harassed far more than men are and denying the fact that this is happening continues to keep the problem alive and well. Instead of acknowledging this happens and working across the board to eradicate the harassment women are subjected to online… let’s act like a bunch of fragile douche bags and place the blame on the person being harassed.

And then people wonder WHY women don’t report their rapes or why women don’t go to the police after being assaulted. Because no matter who we go to for protection or help… these kind of men are lurking in the background; using their misogyny to refuse to acknowledge the epidemic.

This also as we continue to wait for the Senate to renew the Violence Against Women Act which has expired.

I also want to shout out all the men who stood up and apologized for the men who don’t get it. I know there are good dudes out there. I am fortunate enough to have many friends, family members, and people in my life who go out of their way to be genuinely good men. I see you, and I acknowledge the good you are doing to make this world better for our daughter with the hope that one day… they won’t have to deal with this shit.

Not all men are bad and the ones who jump off the handle and immediately feel the need to point that out… aren’t the men who are treating women with respect.

That is my two cents on the subject.

In closing, I’d like to share the follow-up tweets to this whole debacle.

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  1. It really is a horrible reflection of the times that people whom your comment obviously doesn’t apply to should find offense. Even though I am male, I know that my actions in the past have not always been up to snuff, but since I left my teenage years I have strove to hold myself to a higher ideal. Do I find what you said today offensive? No, for the same reason I don’t take offense at a YouTuber who constantly berates bassists (which I am) because I know his complaints don’t apply to me and therefore I am not butthurt over it.

    Men, REAL men, do not feel the need to defend themselves by “coming back” at a victim of unwanted penile assault because they should know that the message isn’t meant for them. It’s for the asshat who thinks that this modern-day equivalent of “caveman using a club to get the woman back to the cave by her hair” is socially unacceptable and repugnant.

    But I think I’m using too many big words for them to get it.

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